ARK explanation.


ARKs vision is to be able to connect all blockchain technologies together so that a user can benefit from all of the features from each technology in an easy to use interface. Ark wants to achieve this by using what they are calling a smart bridge.

Smart bridge

A smart bridge is a collection of blockchains called a vendor field, which acts like a message system. Which will allow ARK to integrate and utilise all of the advantages of all other blockchains. So you will be able to join the ark network and use the features from places like Ethereume or Bitcoin cash.

Easy ICO creation

ARK have will be creating a way for users to be able to create their own ICO and tokens with a few simple clicks of the mouse. This kind of feature is starting to become more popular in blockchain technologies, as the current way to setup an ICO is quite daunting.

Smart online contracts

Ark will also be implementing their own smart online contracts powered by ARK. These will work similarly to Ethereums smart online contracts, But will use ARKS token rather then ETH. Smart online contracts will allow a user to create an agreement with someone, for things like payment plans, selling off assets etc.. Smart online contracts are one of the most exciting technologies coming out of blockchain technologies. As they are a way to make an agreement with no middle man and no way to alter what is stared in the contract in any way.

Internet of things (IOT)

Ark has also mentioned that they will be creating a different type of Internet of things (IOT) infrastructure. Although not a lot of information has been released on this just yet.

Delegated proof of stake (DPOS)

Ark use a system called DPOS which stands for delegated-proof-of-stake. DPOS is how they secure their blockchain. This works because with DPOS there can only be 51 nodes ran at anyone time, people who want to run a node on ark need to write up a proposal paper that explains why they would be a good delegate for ARK and how they will help the ARK community the most. Then everyday consumers who have an wallet can vote for the delegate they want after researching the papers, and choosing the one that is most appealing to them. This means that ARK is fully decentralised, if someone stopped performing and tried to slow ARKS growth the people would simply vote them out, Like-wise if someone tried to gain control of the network The people would vote them out. This system makes this blockchain very secure and always decentralised.

Fast blocks

Ark has 8 second block verify times. This means every 8 seconds any transactions that are in the pending pool to be sent to an address are sent. At the time of writing, Bitcoin takes anywhere from 8 minutes to days or even weeks to confirm a transaction.

white paper

To find out more about the technical side of ark click here.

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